Rated # 1

"More Apples for my teacher"

J. M. 72

Category: Drawing

Markers on Entry Art Board


Rated #1 for Middle School

Theater Production


Category: Design

Title: Costume for Alice by N.

Watercolors / Markers /

Crayons on Silk Screen Board


Rated "The Best" from

White Oaks Golf Club,

Avondale, 2000

Category: Design

Title "The most important shot

in golf is the next one".

- Ben Hogan

Entry by Jason

Markers, Paints on

Entry Art Board.


Rated #1

St. Mary Catholic High School


Category: Design

Title: Ideas by Emma.

Watercolors / Acrylics

Markers on Entry Art Board.


Rated #1 Cougar Camp

After School Activities


Category: Painting

Silk Painting

on Entry Art Board by Melekoh

Activities by Mrs. Jovanko



Homeschoolers from

Lafayette, 2000


Summer Camp Activities

"Learning About American

Music" Mr. Zach's

in-camp competition

Crayons on

Display Entry Board.


5th Grade in classroom

competition /

Rated #1 by students in

teacher's album

Category: Games "How much

do you know?" colored in

cutouts Displayed in the front of

Entry Art Board

Rewarded by "Paper Plus"

Category: Greeting Cards

John, Irena and L.

Hand made cards Displayed

in the front of Entry Board.

My Place in America

Best Rating 2009


Middle School Competition

"Science Fair with Mr. Ott."

By MC. D.

Category: Achievements

Colored-in with oil pastels

Display Entry Board



"George Washington is coming"

by Homeschoolers-Peoria

Double entry in Games.

Images from Young George

Project on Display Entry Board

Rated #1


"My Own John Deere 9440" Teachers Reward 2004

Color Pencils