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So we prepared

a project that is easy, fun
and filled with knowledge
that will last a lifetime.

Years ago, while working

with different groups

we noticed that very few students

and instructors knew how to color
and (even fewer knew)
how to draw our American flag.

  - We  designed a special American Flag
    images with "stripe divided areas."

  - We have found the highest  quality, heavy 
     Poster Art-Boards "Shark Stock"

  - All our Superb Quality Stock has been cut
    to "Double the regular size," awesome,
    "The Huge" - 11 x 17 inch size Boards.

  - On the very top of our Poster Art-Boards,
     we print our images, so you can color them
     in, and on the remaining bottom half
     you can - create your winning artwork:
     the answer to
     "My Place in America Contest"
     with prizes.

   - Finally we combined 13 of the best
     Entry Art-Boards in one Huge Book.









Proudly made in our workshop in the USA.
Thank you for your purchase.
Portion of your every purchase
helps us to  support prizes
for My Place in America winners.



"Divided Area" images designed for easy Visual Learning

with all needed information about American Symbols:

5-pointed American Star, 13 and 50 American flags, The Great Seal


to marvel at

get creative

and answer to

"What is Your Place in America" - contest with prizes!

Compete! Enjoy! Win!

For All Creative Souls from 3 to 103 years young.

13 Highest Quality

Heavy Poster Art-Boards

w/images and all the info.


11x17 inches HUUUGE!

learn & create


Draw, paint, design,
stamp, color-in +


Spiral Bound

Made in USA


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 Includes Shipping

 $ 15.76